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The Coffee Break Method

The Gradual Method to Make Desirable Workshops

How do you create workshops that get admired by your clients?

We have all been there: You signed up for a workshop and when you participate you discover that the event is a lecture. This lecture tend also to be boring and put you to sleep? 

Is there a better way or method that helps you avoid conducting the same boring workshops like your old professor?

You want to structure your workshop to aid learning. Is there a method for outlining workshops with the right amount of information? Is there a way to make great workshops where you learn new things while having fun? Yes, there is a way. This book will show you how to make learning more valuable and permanent.


The Coffee Break Method

How to make workshops that clients love

A workshop is not just an information dump of everything you know. It’s an assembly of the right elements that, when put together, make clients love your workshop. You’ll learn how to make learning fun and more valuable and permanent. Things that will contribute to making your workshops desirable by customers, so they keep coming back for more.

This book is also based on the same elements. You’ll learn how to create workshops methodically and do it consistently fast. The book is not just another dump of information you have to get through painstakingly. It learns out the method in a concise way.

More importantly, you’ll get the exact framework to create the right balance between the information and working parts of the workshop.

The method is all about the coffee breaks. By focusing on the breaks first, you’ll find out how little time you have for the actual workshop. The method also helps you structure the workshop to aid the learning for the participants. By helping you focus on three things you want to say it will help you do a focused workshop that your clients will like. And you’ll also not be short on time.

What the product is about

It’s a book that focuses on the structure of workshops. It concentrates on the breaks, topics and time. (and also how to collect feedback)

By helping you focus on three things you want to say it will help you make a to the point workshop that your clients will love. And you will also not be short on time.

What the book is not about

It’s not a book on how to facilitate workshops and it will not tell you how to market your workshop.

What is unique about this book?

The book is brief and packed with actionable advice unlike other books on workshops that are huge bibles that try to teach everything. It’s a step-by-step guidebook.

Here are some examples on what you will learn:

  • Why is the break essential for learning?
  • How long should the break be?
  • Do I need to drink coffee during the break?
  • How to choose the right amount of topics to cover
  • What is iAD and why is it important?

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